Showbiz celebrity Angelika dela Cruz running for Barangay Captain was almost killed

A life of an individual will not be spared during heated political campaign. With no exemptions, a showbiz celebrity Angelika dela Cruz who is running for a Barangay Captain position.

During her house to house round campaigning in Barangay Longos Malabon last night October 19, Angelika was caught in a surprised attacked from a man holding a knife trying to kill her.

Lucky enough, her bodyguards were so quick to pull her out from the crowd and advised her to put her head down while covering her to avoid any shooting might happen.

The angry crowd revengefully kicked and punched the assailant but not killed in the end. Kapuso actress Angelika admitted that it was her first time to experience such thing and she actually didn’t know what to do.

A political motive was the reason Angelika thought of and believed her cousin who is running as well as Barangay Captain might be behind the incident.

This morning, October 20, Angelika visited the injured man in Tondo General Hospital where he was treated. The man was wearing a T-shirt printed with the name of her cousin. They tried to convince the man to reveal who instructed him to hurt Angelika but he strongly denied the accusations.

This time, actress Angelika admitted that she is already scared and she would formally file a case against the man who attacked her and those involved.

Showbiz celebrity Julie Anne San Jose won “New Female Recording Artist of the Year”

Who would say that actress Julie Anne San Jose wasn’t able or didn’t really attend the Star Awards to avoid the presence of Daniel Padilla? Julie Anne denied the rumors just because they had an issue between them before.

According to Julie Anne, she didn’t expect to win though she was informed that she was one of the nominees, so she was told to attend. During that time she just arrived from SM Marilao and she wasn’t prepared to be in the awards night, otherwise she would be surprised of Daniel’s presence in the event.

The New Female Recording Artist of the Year Julie Anne San Jose posted on her Twitter saying, “it’s really an honor and it’s a great feeling that I had won”.

Observers speculated that there seems really a rivalry between Julie Anne and Bea Binene with the same category but the award was won by Julie Anne. But she made clear that there wasn’t an issue of rivalry between her and Bea. She said their friendship would not be affected and there is no misunderstanding or whatsoever.

Meanwhile, a different kind of role for the first time, Julie Anne portrayed being blind which really had given her the courage and she really needs strong motivations in her GMA-7 TV series “Kahit Nasaan Ka Man”.

Julie Anne expressed being happy working with her leading man Kristoffer Martin in TV series “Kahit Nasaan Ka Man”. She said, she had already adjusted to Kristoffer’s behavior, though a bit serious in nature, he’s quite talkative and jolly to work with.

Hollywood celebrity Jackie Chan starts to enter his twilight years

Another action film will be seen by movie viewers the Kung Fu actor Jackie Chan will whirlwind again all over the world.

Hong Kong martial arts film star is promoting his 2012 Chinese action film “Chinese Zodiac” will be released in U.S, cinemas on Friday. He is expected to perform and he is famous in high flying and physically punishing stunts.

Baby, you’re getting old. Jackie starts to enter his twilight years and he’s going to be 60. He’s been saying he’ll retire soon. He said after 50 years of flips, kicks and punches it gets hurt and really tiring not like it used to be.

Through the years, nothing is impossible if doing action film could be tried into drama. “I really hope someday in Hollywood, some producer or director will hire me only to do drama, I would really appreciate it”, Jackie said. Some critics believed it is not going to happen because the audience is not used to see Jackie Chan doing drama.

According to Jackie Chan, he sees so many action stars all those years come and go unlike in drama and true actors like Robert de Niro, Dustin Hoffman they live forever in the eyes of the viewers.

It’s only on the mindset of the people that action star should be an action star, so as a drama star should be a drama star, either a comedy star should be a comedy star. But why in other countries, these showbiz artists are well accepted by the viewers if they do action/drama/comedy roles?

Jackie Chan could be given a chance to prove his versatility as an actor and a very good producer/film director could be of help.


Japanese celebrity Yoko Ono: “World’s Peace Fighter”

“Peace! Peace! Peace!” chants the people around the world.

“Now is time for action and action is peace. Think peace, act peace, spread peace, and let’s make it all together”, Japanese artist Yoko Ono said during the event of her receiving a prestigious German prize.

Looking back through the years of her life, Yoko Ono the widow of John Lennon have been active in supporting human rights. She was raised both in Japan and the United States from a well off family of bankers. After she married the Beatles rocker, they both have been active in spreading peace around the world.

Human rights brave fighter Yoko Ono again had received a prestigious German prize “for her lasting artistic and peace promoting political work”. The event was held near the Berlin’s iconic Brandenburg Gate being witnessed by the German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle. And she quoted, “This prize is a message to me from you that what I’ve been doing was understood by you”.

Boniface Mwangi who runs an organisation that helps young artists in Kenya, proudly received from Yoko Ono the 10,00 euros ($13,700) with the Institute for Foreign Relations (IFA).

Yoko Ono also won last December from a German human rights prize for peace activism together with her recent work in championing equality for women and gays.


Legendary celebrity singer Freddie Aguilar in love with 16-year-old girlfriend

“Cradle snatcher”? Definitely not!

Our legendary folk singer Freddie Aguilar is proud and happily stated, “there is nothing on the dictionary saying that when love comes it didn’t mean you have to look for the same age as you are. And there is no love that means you have to look with the same religion or the same state or the same place”.

During the award in the 5th Star Awards for Music held in Solaire Resort and Casino, Pasay City, the legendary singer Freddie Aguilar received a Lifetime Achievement Award. And during that event, he brought with him his present 16 year old girlfriend whom he didn’t want to mention her name.

Obviously, there is an age gap between them, 44 years but Freddie is in love and there should no one who could stop it. Even his girlfriend’s parents the only thing they do is to give advise to their daughter. What more could be observed, both need to adjust
to their likes and dislikes. These weren’t too difficult for Freddie because he had a third wife before who was too much younger from him as well.

Freddie is quite aware that the law here in the Philippines, of legal age to 18-21 year old must still have parental consent on marrying stage. And his girlfriend is still 16 years old.

Though, they didn’t discussed yet their plan of marriage, Freddie’s girlfriend likes to have a baby of their own.

Freddie, you’re not left out of your status. ¬†You are still young at heart, life must go on.

Entertainment celebrity Amy Perez resigned from TV show “Face To Face” and TV5 network

People around the world, all walks of life, have been following the program “Face To Face” where in Ms Amy Perez had been a host for almost four years. This is one of the top ratings TV shows in the Philippines.

Entertainment celebrity, one of the most valuable hosts in the industry Ms Amy Perez finally decided to brake her emotional silence why she really need to leave her most awaited show the “Face To Face” and the TV5 network.

“Too much pain and betrayal” revealed by Amy after she read on the FB (Facebook) some details posted by somebody she knew. TV host Amy explained that she didn’t make a decision to remove one of the production staffs on the show it was the management who had the position to do it.

Anyways, the show must go on. “Face To Face” talk show is still hosted by Gelli de Belen and Tintin Babao. Amy said, “it’s really a good time for me to heal. I’m happy for all of them that the production staffs and the rest still have their work. Maybe someday we’ll be working together again”.

Again, an issue that after Ms Amy left TV5 from her morning show the “Good Morning Club” she will be joining the show in ABS-CBN “Umagang Kay Ganda”.

Is there any more new issue for Ms Amy this time? Yes, everything is true for Ms Amy to find peace of mind rather than crawling to have financial greediness. The truth is she’ll be back in ABS-CBN network.

At this point of view, talented TV host Ms Amy Perez will be joining her previous tandem also a TV host/actor Roderick Paulate on the show “The Singing Bee”. It is a comeback show hosted before by Cesar Montano.


Young celebrity Barbara Miguel won best actress

Another breed of talented Filipino have been recognized internationally. At a very young age a showbiz celebrity Barbara Miguel is very happy to have an award as the best actress in the film “Nuebe” directed by Joseph Israel Laban held at the Harlem International Film Festival, New York last month.

Young actress Barbara is just a Grade 3 student from Quezon City. She said, the first award she won as the best child actress from FAMAS for her work in indie film “Migrante” directed by Joel Lamangan.

A brilliant child, Barbara said she portrayed a young mother in the film “Nuwebe”. Unfortunately, she was impregnated by her own father and she had to tackle a role that made too much complicated situation for her young mind. Eventually she have to give up her baby to the Department of Social Welfare and Development.

According to Barbara, she always remembers her mother Renerich who is also a talent in TV shows and movies. Her mom gave advises and motivations on how to do her role imagining sad reality in life.

Her parents are separated but the situation didn’t make her dream not to be fulfilled.
Besides her mom, Barbara get reminders as well from her father and her teachers. “My Dad congratulated me but he reminded me not to neglect my studies”, she said.

Congratulations Barbara you’ve made a pride for our country.


Celebrity director/screenwriter Jun Lana married in New York USA

Love affair turned into reality. It’s not only on screen we could see people of same sex intimately loving each other.

“Just married” caught the eyes of people when two in love both male promised not to end their relationship. Yes! emotionally uttered by the rest who witnessed the most remarkable event happened in the showbiz industry.

Same sex marriage was the most important event held last October 14 in Bethesda Fountain, Central Park, New York, USA.

Very important couple in the industry the award winning director/screenwriter Jun Luna and previous TV5 creative and entertainment head Perci Intalan joined as one witnessed by relatives and friends.

Jun seemed happy and said, “I am so grateful to all our friends and family who traveled from near and far to join us on our special day”.

Promised to love you till death do us part.

Showbiz celebrity Derek Ramsay: Love affair with Cristine was the shortest he had, but it was still meaningful for him

Some people said the short love affair of Derek and Cristine was frustrating but this didn’t matter for both of them. The show must go on. Yes, both are still on the go to the making of their movie “My Trophy Wife” directed by Elwood Perez. And they are scheduled this week to do their shows in Hawaii.

Derek had already explained that the breakup was a mutual decision. Only both of them knew the real truth. Derek said that Cristine is a wonderful person. They have been friends for three years and starred “No Other Woman” movie year 2011 in Star Cinema.

According to Derek, his love affair with Cristine Reyes was the shortest (lasted for a month) but it was still meaningful for him. He said they still follow each other on Instagram and Twitter. And they will be friends forever.

Television viewers will be able to watch Derek’s latest series “For Love or Money” directed by Mac Alejandro. It is a romance drama where in Derek (as Edward) will be involved in a love triangle with Alice Dixson (as Cristine) and Ritz Azul.

Best Female Concert Performer won by showbiz celebrity Regine Velasquez

Asia’s Songbird Regine Velasquez has again showed her powerful voice. She emotionally delivered her speech upon receiving her award as Best Female Concert Performer in the 5th PMPC Star Awards For Music held in the grand ballroom of the Solaire Hotel, Pasay City last Sunday, October 13.

It’s indeed busy days for Regine spending ample time next week in preparing for her coming concert in America. It will be very busy for Regine and the rest to do their rehearsal in preparation for their coming concert in America. They will be leaving in October 23.

She said their family tradition celebrating yearly the Holloween party might be delayed because her show will be on November 3. As of now, while not busy yet she could take care of her son Nate and still have time to visit her father who is in the hospital.

Regine is a regular viewer of her husband’s show on TV5 with “The Mega And The Songwriter” together with Sharon Cuneta. She said, “the show is so nice! I love it. There were many good feed backs about the show. I’m so happy for my husband and so proud of him”.

American showbiz celebrity Tom Hanks has been diagnosed with diabetes

About 24 million Americans are affected with more than 90 percent of diabetes cases diagnosed in the United States, according to the US Food and Drug Administration.

Type 2 diabetes is the most common form of metabolic disease which affects the body by either not producing enough insulin. The hormone turns sugar into energy, or by resisting insulin. This disease could be life threathening if not diagnosed early and not treated properly.

Among the celebrities affected of the most common form of metabolic disease is actor Tom Hanks now 57 years old. During his interview on CBS network’s “Late Show with David Letterman”, he admitted that he has been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

Tom seems fine, energetic inspite of his diabetes which he said is controllable. He even jokingly said to the host of the show, “well, it’s something to kill us all Dave”!

The Oscar winning actor Tom Hanks appeared on the show of David Letterman to invite the viewers to watch his upcoming film “Captain Phillips”.


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